Our Attitude for the Martial Arts

According to the principles of proWES organization we accept the whole martial arts community as a big family. And we expect each participants of this big family to be respectful, tolerant and supportive against each other. As an organization which adopts WingChun and Escrima and teaches them we ask all of our students to be open minded against all of the martial arts and their students. The way you respect your own martial art and expect others to do the same,  you also should respect other martial arts in return. It is the good and the true option when everyone has something to share with each other.

Ego is an important fact which is supposed to be kept under control. We expect our students or our instructors to not turn their self confidence which they received during their education into ego. This situation will not suit on a martial artist, moreover it will provide  big blinkers for that person.

In proWES we do not want instructors who think that they are invincible and who cannot keep their ego under control. This situation will soon reflect upon your students, and such situations which do not fit our understanding of martial arts and which do not fit our purpose will be faced.

Of course we also are proud of our styles and we think that they are quite effective. But it should not be forgotten that styles themselves cannot fight instead of you, in fact YOU are the one who put them into life. As a conclusion you should get rid of such feelings, you should focus on improving your skills everyday. Being humble is an important virtue in martial arts and "it is the action of the person which talks best about him/her."

proWES Founder&Chief Instructors
Sifu Cemil Uylukcu & Sifu Berat Uylukcu