Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring an Escrima Stick by me for the First Lesson?

No. We always have extra sticks and equipments for new beginners at our schools.

Why are we practicing with weapons? I do not carry a stick with me everytime I am out.

Defending with a weapon against an unarmed attacker always means a very big advantage, of course. Stick at proWES-Escrima represents long and sharp weapons like machete and bolo. Stick, could be replaced with an object without having to consider its shape or distance. Namely, you do not expertise on stick or knife, you can transform every object you handle improvisingly.

There are countless prospective weapons almost everytime and everywhere. Pencil, eyeglasses, bottle, cell phone, keys are just a few examples to be mentioned now... proWES-Escrima could be customized for any object you grab and could be carrying any moment. Besides these, you can apply the same principles with empty hand. Filipino Boxing is an important part of training.

You mean, proWES-Escrima does not Only Deal with Weapons?

Yes. The system hosts a complete empty hand system called “Filipino Boxing” using punches, kicks, knees and elbows. It uses the same body moves and could be coordinated with weapons.

Is a Class Only Specific to a Weapon Available?

No.  We are teaching body mechanics and how to use any weapon or a casual object equally effectively instead of focusing on a weapon. Thus, all of the weapons will be the same to use and become complete after a while.

What should I expect about your lessons and schools?

You will be cheered asking questions to perceive better. Knowing what you learned and why, and understanding principles behind workouts or techniques and formulae are crucial. You should evaluate your progress observing your own situtation, not any others’, and you will be able to develop friendships that could everlast.

Am I Supposed to Already Have Any Martial Arts Background?

Absolutely no. It is not a necessity for beginning, albeit useful for some kinds of situations.

Should I Be Fit and Ready For Beginning Lessons?

No. Required condition level will be provided gradually and progressively at the lessons. Although fitness is not our primary aim, the student attending the lessons steadily will notice the change on his/her shape and muscular condition. Besides all, martial arts are also entertaining and perfect exercises mentally at least as much as physically.

When you begin a lesson, your instructor will keep the level suitable for your condition level. You will notice the considerable change on your condition and power as the time goes by. We even have students who achieved their weight-loss goals attending the classes steadily.

We would like to remind again that this is not a fitness, aerobic or gymnastic class. Being fit and getting good shape is deeply related to both your physical activity and sticking with healthy eating. What we want to emphasize here is practicing martial arts can give you the boost and motivation to keep a fitness lifestyle and eat a healthy diet as you go further practicing it.

What Should I Wear for my First Lesson?

You can join the lesson wearing plain white and unimprinted t-shirt, dark (black, dark blue), sportswear pants (or shorts) and clean-soled sports shoes.
Are proWES Uniforms Available so that I can Wear at the Lessons? 

Yes. However, this is not a rule! But our uniforms are available for students demanding for highly affordable prices.

Can I get a Free Trial Lesson?

Yes, for sure! You can join as an audience or attend a lesson at any of our schools and ask your question to our instructors. Please get in touch with the instructor near your region from our “schools” section. Good luck!