Guro Cemil demonstrates an application; pen vs knifeEscrima is an armed martial art specific to Philippines. Even though basically stick, double stick, knife, machete, sword, staff, palm stick are used in the system, the practitioner of Escrima (Escrimador) knows the weapon is only a tool to gain an understanding of body mechanics and how to use his/her body as a weapon.

In case of danger, any object around or beside you could transform into a self-defence tool. Keys, cell phone, umbrella, pencil, bottle are just a few examples… Escrima does not only focus on a weapon and teach it. It examines the weapons comparing their advantages-disadvantages, distance and weight; and gives this perspective.

It teaches using conventional and contemporary or countless improvised weapons by the “same principles and concepts”. After a while, the weapon will not have a special meaning to the Escrimador and all of the weapons will be “a whole” with these concepts.

Same principles and concepts are used for empty hand. Filipino Boxing is a crucial part of education.

Filipino Boxing

Filipino Boxing which is an empty hand system and inseperable part of proWES-Escrima system teaches the practitioner that the actual weapon is the body itself. Beside all the strikes from Western Boxing it uses kick, knees and elbows. Also hammer fists, the transformation point of weapon strikes to empty hand strikes

Filipino Boxing is a complete empty hand system. Sometimes classes may pass practicing only unarmed. Shadow boxing, sparring, focus pad and heavy-bag trainings are crucial for Filipino Boxing and at our school of proWES we train these workouts.

Escrimador will gradually combine the same techniques with weapons and notice what Filipino Boxing contributes to armed practices and what armed practices contribute to Filipino Boxing.

Escrima Stick

Teaching Method

proWES-Escrima follows a training method that brings different weapons and different distances of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in the same concepts.

During the basic education, weapons are used as a tool to help understanding the concepts and train body as a weapon.

At our schools, Escrima system is taught by a method constructed on some main concepts. These are simply: “Balance, speed-timing-distance, power, focusing and transition between weapons”. Thus, all the weapons and empty hand system, Filipino Boxing form a whole combining by the same concepts and principles.