proWES seminars in Costa Rica, March 2012

Mar 25, 2012

Costa Rica joined proWES in November 2011, with high expectations for teaching WingChun and Escrima systems. Since then Sihing Marco Gomez, leader of these arts in Costa Rica, has been in contact with Sifu Cemil Uylukcu and established the first proWES seminars in this country on March 2012.

The experience of having the honor of meeting in person to Sifu Cemil, train privately with him, know his humility and great teaching ability and his passion for martial arts, not only fulfilled the expectations of Sihing Marco, but the beat, leaving a great impression on the entire team of instructors and students WingChun and Escrima in Costa Rica.

We were able to enjoy 3 very specialized seminars; WingChun, Escrima and Security programs. For 11 years we have had the opportunity to bring important WingChun and Escrima instructors to Costa Rica and we are extremely grateful to the teaching of each of them, but now we must say that Sifu Cemil has left a lasting impression and proWES is already becoming one of the major international organization, and it will continue to grow every day, because the passion for martial arts and ethics of their instructors.

Students who participated in these seminars will openly expressed their joy and satisfaction to Sihing Marco for all of they learned and the great humanity of Sifu Cemil. We are already looking forward to participate in upcoming seminars of Sifu Cemil in Costa Rica on September 2012.

Thank you for visiting us Sifu Cemil! You make a big difference!