May 26, 2018

July 13th-15th, 2018

(Friday-Sunday | Izmir

2017 proWES Turkey Summercamp BLOG

This year proWES Turkey Summer Camp will get under way between July 13th and 15th, covering 3 days. Besides 4 hours of WingChun and 2 hours of Escrima every day offered by Sifu Cemil Uylukcu and Sifu Berat Uylukcu; Meditation and Yoga classes will be offered every morning for the proWES students by our instructor Günsu Engin.

The camp beginning on July 13th, Friday in the morning will end in the evening July 15th, Sunday. Attendants are welcome any day they wish. You can attend any seminar without a distinction of your level. Also our students and instructors who only practice WingChun will be able to have a chance to make a start practicing Escrima style. And also it will be 3 intensive days of training for Escrimadores.

*There will be test and certification using the new proWES Escrima grading system. And Escrima seminars will be given on this cirriculum. 

Chargings are as below:

WingChun 4-hour seminars: 150 Turkish Lira per day

Escrima 2-hour seminars: 75 Turkish Lira per day

3 days WingChun&Escrima seminars TOTAL amount (*discounted): 675 - 450 Turkish Lira

Meditation and Yoga classes (by Günsu Engin):  35 Turkish Lira per day

Who is Günsu Engin?

 KAMP LOKASYONU: Yaz kampı programındaki tüm dersler proWES Gym’de (Alsancak) yapılacaktır.

Cumhuriyet Bulvarı, No.263, Dr Bulanalp Apt. No.2, Alsancak,  İzmir


KONAKLAMA SEÇENEKLERİ (proWES Gym’e yakınlığına göre sıralanmıştır):

1-      Ege Palas Otel (kahvaltı dahil, 4 yıldız, GYM’e birkaç bina mesafede)

(Şehir manzaralı / deniz manzaralı)

Single oda: 220-240TL

Double oda: 300-320TL

Max 3 kişi +80TL yatak ekleme

Tel: 0232 463 9090



2-      İbis Hotel (kahvaltı dahil, 3 yıldız, GYM’e 10-15 dakika yürüme mesafesinde)

Single oda: 169TL

Double oda: 199TL (3 kişilik oda yok)

Kahvaltı hariç Double: 169TL

Tel: 0232 414 7000



3-      İzmir Palas (kahvaltı dahil, 4 yıldız, GYM’e 10-15 dakika yürüme mesafesinde)

(Şehir manzaralı / deniz manzaralı)

Single: 200-220TL

Double: 300-320TL

Max 3 kişi +80TL yatak ekleme

Tel: 0232 465 0030



4-      Kordon Otel (kahvaltı dahil, 3 yıldız, GYM’e 15-20 dakika yürüme mesafesinde)

Single mini oda: 150TL

Single standart oda: 180TL

Double oda: 230TL

3 kişilik oda: 280TL

Tel: 0232 484 8181, 0232 425 0445, 0232 425 0208



5-      Hotel Beyond (kahvaltı dahil, 4 yıldız, GYM’e 15-20 dakika yürüme mesafesinde)

Single oda: 195TL

Double oda: 255TL

3 kişilik oda: 315TL

Tel: 0232 463 0585


July 13-15 (Friday-Sunday):

- 08.00-09.00: Meditation and Yoga (Günsu Engin)

- 09.00-10.00: Breakfast

- 10.00-14.00: WingChun (Sifu Cemil&Sifu Berat)

- 14.00-15.00: Lunch

- 15.00-17.00: Escrima (Sifu Cemil&Sifu Berat)